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Perspectives, a podcast series featuring expert opinion from academics at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David about some of the most pressing societal challenges. You’ll hear from academics and researchers from across UWTSD’s disciplines – from Anthropology to Youth Work; Business to Public Services and more - on what they think will be the biggest challenges as we look to the future.

Universities, Race and Slavery: From Liverpool to Lampeter – Dr Alex Scott, UWTSD

1 July 2020

The Black Lives Matter and Rhodes Must Fall movements have brought renewed attention to the ongoing legacies of slavery, racism and colonialism in all aspects of society -- including higher education.

In this podcast, Dr Alexander Scott, Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, explores these contemporary issues and discusses the connections of cities, universities and prominent individuals to transatlantic slavery and abolitionism.

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Junction Covid-19

30 June 2020

As we stand on a crossroads after a long period of lockdown, Mererid Hopwood, Professor of Languages and Welsh Curriculum at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, contemplates the challenge of choosing the path that leads to the place where we can give a fairer society its foundations.

The place where we share this planet’s water and its fruits between us: co-sharing and co-operating; where there is an understanding between us, where we share an understanding, where there is a peace, a tangnefedd between us: where we share peace; the shared world, shared between us … all. 

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The importance of physical activity for the over 40s

18 June 2020

With the majority of the population in Wales still at home, many are using this time to improve their health and fitness. 

Here, Dr Peter Herbert, a Physiologist at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and a leading authority on fitness in the older generation discusses why it’s the middle aged or elderly that will benefit the most from leading a more active lifestyle.

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Is Covid-19 an opportunity for more high quality physical education?

16 June 2020

With schools in Wales preparing to welcome all pupils back at the end of June, how will teachers be able to ensure learners – especially younger children – adhere to the two metre social distancing guidelines?

Here, Dr Nalda Wainwright, Director of the Wales Academy for Health and Physical Literacy at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David discusses how this challenge could present schools with an opportunity to think differently about the use of playtime – using it as a time to develop children’s movement and to lay the foundations of physical activity for later life.

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Psychological Impacts on Refugees Migrating to the United Kingdom: Dr Paul Hutchings

27 May 2020

27 May is the UN’s Psychology Day – a world-wide celebration of psychology that provides an opportunity for psychologists to explain the role of psychology in addressing concerns of global importance.  To mark the day Dr Paul Hutchings discuss migration and the psychological impacts on refugees arriving in the UK.

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A Call for Compassionate Creativity

22 May 2020

We’re living in unprecedented times.  It has been said often during the past few months as we struggle to comprehend what the ‘new normal’ will look like.  But how can we re-emerge from this global crisis?

Listen to Ali Franks, lead lecturer for the BA Applied Drama, argue that, in the wake of Coronavirus, society will need socially engaged artists and the transformational power of the arts to rebuild and reconnect the lives of individuals and communities . . .

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What next for schools in Wales?

21 May 2020

With the discussion about pupils’ return to school ever-present in the media, Gareth Evans, Director of Education Policy at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Yr Athrofa: Institute of Education and Humanities looks at the challenges that lie ahead for schools, their teachers and the new curriculum in Wales.

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The impact of the Spanish Flu Epidemic

13 May 2020

In the second podcast of the Perspectives series, Dr Lester Mason, a lecturer in History at UWTSD, discusses the impact of the Spanish Flu epidemic and whether we can learn anything from its devastating effect.

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A return to Normality?

6 May 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe, societies in all corners of the earth are wondering when they’ll be able to return to their pre-lockdown lives.

Listen to Dr Luci Attala, a senior lecturer in at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David as she considers the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on society and how it’s likely to change the way we live our lives forever.

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